In recent years, import and export volume brought by Chinese E-commerce businesses has been witnessing steady growth of 20% to 30%.
Made in China goods has been shipped and sold all over the globe. Your customers might locate in Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Australia or the UK. When entering into global market, how to get better customer retention rate?
It is common knowledge that frictional procedures and non-satisfactory payment experience could drive customers away. Please keep reading to find out how to solve the problem.

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Pain Points

How to meet local customers’ payment habits?
Time-consuming settlement cycle.
Cumbersome refund and return processes.


Asiabill is in a position to provide diversified localized payment processing solutions to meet the needs of your target customers. Dedicated Customer Service Team will be of assistance in presentment and refund issues 24/7. There will also be local marketing channels to help you target the right customers and build up the brand of your corporate.