Asiabill Upgrades Service Suite to Boost Black Friday Sales for Chinese Cross-border E-commerce Sellers


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In the upcoming Black Friday, payment approval rate, the determinant of order conversion rate, should be a crucial point for Chinese cross-border E-commerce sellers to focus on. Asiabill as a cross-border payment solution provider, has just upgraded our service suite to work as a shielded guard for Chinese cross-border E-commerce sellers throughout Black Friday fight.

Out of experience and merchant transaction data analysis, Asiabill is expecting a three-fold upsurge of transactions to be processed in the upcoming Black Friday. To brace the transaction blast, Asiabill has started to make thorough preparation a month ago to ensure that approval rate lives up to sellers' expectation. Sellers are well protected with our professional teams of Risk Management, Customer Service and Gateway Management.

More Flexible Risk Management

Lesson learned from the just ended Double 11 Promotion Campaign in China is that discount plans offered by merchants are difficult to keep up with. To be more ready for the upcoming Thanksgiving, Black Friday, CyberMonday and Christmas, Asiabill Risk Management Team will have deep communications with merchant to understand their promotion plans in order to improve order conversion rate and reduce chargebacks and fraud.

Merchant transactions will be monitored in real-time. Should issues be found, feedback will be sent out immediately.Our team will be ready 24/7 to offer timely responses.

Transaction monitoring thresholds will be tightened. More detailed analysis on single transactions will be provided to reduce chargeback and fraud to the lowest level.

More Dedicated Customer Service

In Black Friday, customer service will differentiate from merchant to merchant. Customer Service will be paying more attention on transaction status and payment approval rate to reduce transaction frictions and improve transaction security.

Number of Customer Service Team members on duty will be doubled in Black Friday. We offer 24/7 service in order to provide timely responses to merchant inquiries.

More Abundant Gateway Reserve

On the one hand, we will be adding more backup gateways to get ready for unexpected events. On the other, we will be adding 10% to 50% re-submission gateway. Based on transaction demographic analysis, transactions will be re-submitted to local acquiring banks where the cardholder is based.

Since establishment, Asiabill has spared no effort in offering top-notch services to clients.To safeguard Chinese cross-border E-commerce sellers in Black Friday fight, Asiabill has upgraded our "equipment"to ensure that approval rate live up to sellers' expectations. Upon the arrival of Black Friday, Asiabill is advertising on Nasdaq, Times Square, New York to send out our heart-felt blessings to Chinese cross-border E-commerce sellers wishing them skyrocketing sales.

About Asiabill

Asiabill (Asiabill Company Limited) is a company specializing in one-stop cross-border payment services, which includes Amazon funds collection, international credit card processing, alternative payment methods, international B2B remittance.

Asiabill is licensed with Money Service Operator (MSO) in Hong Kong and Money Service Business (MSB) in US. We also have qualifications such as Visa QSP, MasterCard PF, and American Express Payment Aggregator. As a holder of such qualifications and licenses, Asiabill's cross-border payment service is subject to compliance supervision by the regulatory authority and by card schemes.