Optimize your payments: Create a simple experience your customers love


The payment process is the one thing standing between your customer and that moment of gratification. Make sure it’s quick and painless.


Host the entire payment flow on your site

Redirects can be fatal. They add complexity to the process, especially on mobile when load times or (worse) timeouts can be a real problem. They also cause confusion, leading customers to question the security of your site.


The solution is to host the entire payment flow on your site. This not only eliminates the redirect but means you have total control over branding and layout. This is important to establish trust with your shopper, and trust helps drive conversion. On top of that, since everything takes place in your environment, you can use conversion analytics and A/B testing to make sure the process is optimal.


With Asiabill you can accept cards and local payment methods directly from your site.And donot worry about PCI compliance.


Offer the preferred payment methods for your customers

If you’re operating internationally, it’s important to accommodate local payment preferences. Credit cards might be popular in the US, the UK, and Australia, but in Brazil, 15% of online payments are made with Boleto; in China Alipay and WeChat Pay account for 50%, and in the Netherlands, iDEAL dominates by 60%.


Asiabill can dynamically serve up a targeted list of payment methods to customers based on their location, device and basket value (amongst other things). And, since all payment methods are available on the Asiabill platform, adding new methods is as simple as flicking a switch.

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